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This page includes links to online journals, research resources and library guides.

Online journals held by the ALC Library and selected open access journals may be accessed here by logging in as follows:

  • ALC students and staff—use your ALC user account
  • LCA pastors and lay workers—use your LCA user account
  • Private library members—use your account details advised to you on joining the library

Some journals are also held in hard copy format at the ALC Library, and are additional to those listed on the UD Library Hub. Please consult a librarian if you need to access articles from older hard copy journals. Also note that you can gain access to open access journals independently of this website, by entering the URL of the resource directly into a web browser.

Research resources produced by ALC may also be accessed here. Click on the link to determine whether the resource is open access or is restricted, requiring you to log in.

Further information about using the library and its resources may be found via our library guides.

 Resources: Biblical Studies

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 Resources: Education and Research

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Australian Lutheran College provides foundational and advanced theological education, including pre-service programs for ministry preparation and in-service programs for professional growth and leadership development.

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